Karen Farrington, Vice President

I was referred by one of the top estate planning attorneys in LA. He recommended Rebecca Snyder. That turned out to be an amazing referral. I have since worked with her other partners, staff accountants and support staff. All have been wonderful.

I utilized the firm for both m y business and for the firm’s family office services. The firm’s CPAs and staff are knowledgeable, timely, efficient, and great to work with. I am never concerned that the advice I am given is anything but the best. The firm is completely full service, and the vast knowledge of their team is outstanding.

If you are seeking outstanding professionals and best in class, along with a great staff to support their work, this is the best firm you will find. I also believe they are efficient with regarding to t heir billing practices and I have received high value for the investment I have made in RSJ.

Karen Farrington, Vice President

Matura-Farrington Staffing Services

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