Go Beyond Numbers: Surprising Discoveries About Successful Businesses

One thing that I’ve found in many consistent in my 40 years of working with small businesses, successful CEOs, entrepreneurs and wealthy families is that most owners judge their business’s health by financial capital.  For them, it’s only about the numbers. They treat their financial statements as giant puzzles, hoping to find the perfect balance between trimming overhead and increasing capacity enough to max-out profitability.  While this is important, there are some crucial pieces that often get overlooked!

I want to invite you to go beyond the numbers with me and look at five different areas that play a part in your success.  I pose the idea that financial capital is the byproduct of four other capitals: human, social, structural, and intellectual.  What should business focus on? What untapped resources do you have at your disposal that you may have overlooked?

This book will walk you through everything surrounding your bottom line, what may contribute to it and what may be holding you back.